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Hey guys!

I'ts been a while. I don't tend to come here much anymore due a mix of no motivation and lack of interest. Hopefully that will pass, as I will be posting up some new art soon! :D

Anyway, a few small updates. First of all, I've been much, much better on the anti-convulsants which I started a few months ago for my TN. I still do get pain in the left side of my head but I haven't had any extreme attacks like I did last year. If I sneeze and don't hold the left side of my head, sometimes it does flare up but the pain is brief and the duration is nowhere near as long as it used to be. I considered going up to two anti-convulsants per day, but the last time I was on two I had a very bizzare side effect which I could only find out about on the internet. The drugs affected my auditory cortex, so I was hearing music a half a semitone lower than what it normally is. I sat down to play my piano, and I thought it was out of tune! I asked my partner to try it, and he said it sounded normal to him. But then listening to multiple songs I've listened to for years confirmed it, there was a change. Apparently this has only happened to a few people. It was such a strange side effect, but it's passed now. I did have random yellow bruises appear on my left arm, at least 3 of them as well. I don't know if this actually was a side effect, but they seemed to come and go. As long as the medication is helping, these haven't been enough to deter me from taking it. And the audio issue settled itself as well. I have a feeling if I go back onto two tablets the pitch might change again, but so far one tablet is enough to relatively keep the pain at bay. I am guessing I'll be on these tablets for years. I do not like the idea of microvascular-decompression surgery.

I said before that my partner and I were toying around the idea of going to Japan in April. Well, that's no longer going to happen as we decided something else instead. We're going to America! It's been a dream holiday for not only myself, but him as well, so finally it's going to happen! We will be going to Orlando, followed by New York and then Toronto. We will also be visiting Vegas for an event there as well, before spending a bit of time in LA before returning home. June-July is when we are scheduling it. We were going to go in November, but I've currently enrolled into Division 2 Nursing (Enrolled) and Term 4 will be during November. I have to sit a test on Monday for it, so I've been brushing up on my Maths. I hated it in high school. Hopefully the test won't be too hard. It goes for 3 hours. 

I'm really looking forward to returning to study again. It's been too hard to find a job in animation here, so I've given up on that dream. Considering here in Australia there is basically nothing and the places that do visual effects either want people with years of experience, or don't take on anybody at all. Ever since I was a child I wanted to get into something medical wise, so that has been a fallback for me. 

Apart from that, nothing much new. I've been out of home since the end of December. I still get a bit homesick as I'm an only child and my dad works away so I don't get to see him all that much anymore, but I've adapted to it. I live just around the corner from home though, I can even walk there. So it's not too bad!

I also adopted a kitten. Thankfully he and my dog get along. His name is Lukas. Other than that, really looking forward to May 12th when we FINALLY get new episodes of Steven Universe!

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