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Finding offense in the human's stubbornness, Zim could only scoff at Dib's words to him.


He returned Dib's glare with a glare of his own before turning and storming out of the shower block, back into the boys' change room.

Lips up-curled into a snarl, he approached his locker and threw open the door violently to retrieve his standard issue uniform, not even bothering to go into a stall to pull back on his garments. He just ripped off the towel and shoved his pants and shirt on, hissing a little as his skin seared slightly. The paste had started to wear off on some sections of his body.

The alien pulled on his boots before slamming shut his locker door and proceeding back out into the gymnasium. His footsteps echoed loudly across the wide arena. As he approached the exit, a lonesome teacher blocked his path.

"You're still in here? What are you doing here? Skool finished half an hour ago. Who's class are you from?"

"Bitters'." Zim muttered. "We were kept here to clean up."


Zim flicked his head in the direction of the change-rooms.

"There's an idiot still in there. He slipped on the floor and cracked his head. He wouldn't let me help him, so I'm leaving. Now move out of my path, stink-beast."

"Wait a minute! Cracked his head?! Who?"

"MOVE OUT OF THE PATH OF ZIM!!!" The Irken screamed in return, causing the teacher to give him a frustrated look as she headed for the change-room.

Meanwhile, back in the changing room, Dib sat at a bench right in front of his locker, trying to regain his composure by holding his head before pulling out his clothes to get changed into. He didn't need Zim. In fact, Zim had only served to make his head feel worse, he kept telling himself as he went to pull his shirt on before removing his towel to pull on his pants.

Reaching for the back of his head, he then winced again before pulling back his hand, more blood having covered the palm. "Great..." he muttered before wiping it off on his pants and going to stand back up so he could head on out.

The teacher looked back and watched as the student stormed out of the gym, shaking her head before walking over to the change rooms and calling inside.

"Anybody in here?"

"Huh?" Dib looked up when he heard the teacher calling into the changing room. "U-Uh, yes. But I'm on my way out right now." he called back before exiting the changing room to meet the teacher at the entrance to the gym.

Upon his arrival, she stared at him. "Are you alright? Another student said you cracked your head."

"I-I'm fine." he said quickly, averting his eyes to one side. "I-It's just a small bump. Nothing I can't handle." he lied to the teacher, really not wanting the school to get involved in this.

She looked at him oddly.

"Are you sure? You look a little off balance..." she trailed off, holding her finger to her chin. "But, if you're sure. Be sure to leave here right away. The skool grounds are locked up in half an hour, and that includes the doors to this gym."

Looking at Dib one last time with an almost suspicious look on her face, she then turned to leave. As she was about to exit the gym door, she turned back and addressed him one final time.

"Oh, and if you see that other student around, be sure to let him know to leave as well. You might both end up being locked in here for the night. Wouldn't want that now, would you?" she said before turning back around and leaving.

Meanwhile, Zim had taken his time and walked around to the back of the skool building, approaching the gym from the east side. Perching on his spider legs, he climbed up to the window just above the girls' change room and pushed it open to slip inside. Creeping through the change room, avoiding the many bras he saw scattered about the floor in disgust, he then silently stepped out into the corridor leading to the change room entrances, where Dib now stood. The Irken crept up behind the boy, coming to stand right behind him.

Unaware of Zim's current presence behind him in that moment, Dib watched the teacher leave, glad that at least she hadn't questioned him any further about his head or how the injury had come to be in the first place. The last thing he would have wanted to do was explain why it had been he'd been running around in the showers in the first place. Sighing to himself once he was certain the teacher was completely gone, he then went to head for the exit, none the wiser to the Irken standing mere inches behind him in that moment, his usual senses shot as a result of the head injury he had procured just 10 or so minutes beforehand.

Had he not been in so much pain in that moment, he would have had no problems picking up on Zim's presence behind him. Years of patient waiting and watching had fine tuned his senses to the alien's movements. But he just wanted to head home in that moment before the gym locked up, unable to think of a worse place to be trapped for the rest of the night than there, especially given how cold the place currently was.

Zim frowned. He had been expecting that Dib would instantly pick up on his presence, or at least turn around, but that never happened. The Irken wondered for a moment or so before realizing that Dib's injury probably had dampened his senses. He knew Dib had a keen eye and rarely ever let him sneak up on him. He must have been pretty badly injured for him not to even notice him behind him.

The alien walked forward slightly, following him, boots clacking against the wooden floor of the gym beneath. Surely Dib would hear that.

Stopping in his tracks when he heard the all too obvious footsteps of someone following close behind him, Dib turned quickly before jumping back a few feet and losing what little balance he had been fighting to keep.

"Z-Zim?! Just what the hell are you doing here still?! I thought you had left the school grounds already!" he exclaimed from his sitting position on the ground, glancing back at the exit as though trying to figure out how the hell the other had managed to sneak up on him so easily.

Zim tilted his head in response, giving a smirk to coincide with his narrowed eyes.

"Perhaps I did not want to leave, Dib." he responded, a sly tone to his voice. "You seem rather surprised to see me."

The alien stepped closer and closer to him, arms folded neatly behind his back. He watched as Dib nearly fell backwards from losing his balance for about the third time that day. As the echo faded from Zim's somewhat loud voice, deafening silence surrounded the two boys. The skool was eerily deserted and quiet. A loud noise filtered the gym as the over head lights were shut off suddenly, leaving only the dimmer side lights to cast a dull orange glow over the gym. Outside, the weather was dull, dark, and grey to match the freezing temperatures. It was starting to rain.

Jumping a bit when the lights suddenly shut off from within the gym, Dib quickly glanced up towards the ceiling before getting back to his feet unsteadily again and taking a few steps back away from the other.

"Why WOULDN'T I be surprised to see you? You already made it clear enough earlier that you had no intentions of helping me. So what reason could you possibly have for sneaking back in here to follow me? Don't you realize they'll be locking up the school doors any minute now? I, for one, would rather NOT spend the rest of my night stuck in here with YOU." he said, hugging himself now as the cold was beginning to get to him, causing him to shiver slightly and rub his hands up and down his arms in an attempt to warm back up.

"If YOU want to spend the rest of your night here, then by all means, be my guest. I, on the other hand, am heading home now." he then said, turning to leave again via one of the gym's side doors. Little did he know that that exit would prove useless in his attempt to leave, as would all the other exits provided by the school.

Zim's antennae twitched slightly. He had heard the lock click over only three minutes ago.

"I am HERE, Dib-smell, because you have no other choice but to remain here. Be thankful I made the effort to even come back, otherwise you'd be sitting here all alone, freezing your pathetic little butt off all night. THE DOOR IS LOCKED. Try it all you like. There is no way out." the Irken crossed his arms, glaring daggers at the taller boy's chest.

"Being a superior species, breaking out of here for me is easy, but for a weak, inferior being like you, you would most likely cause yourself more harm if you were to try to escape from such a height. The windows in this place are fairly HIGH, in case you haven't noticed."

Zim then stomped over to him and pointed a finger to his chest, poking Dib. "I came back because I WANTED to come back. I don't know WHY I did, but I did, so be thankful for it, you ungrateful, meat-pig!"

Paling noticeably at Zim's words, Dib could only take a few unsteady steps backwards. "B-But...But the teacher said..."he shook his head and turned his wide-eyed gaze on the exit to the gym. "Y-You're wrong. I was told we had half an hour before the school would be locked up." he said, making his way over to the door and giving it a good tug.

When the door didn't budge, however, he tried giving it yet another hard tug. Still nothing happened.

The reality of the situation just then beginning to dawn on him, he felt himself suddenly begin to panic somewhat. "N-No...NO!" he slammed a fist on the door as loudly as he could, a part of him praying the teacher from before was still there and might hear him trying to get out. He couldn't spend an entire night locked up in the gymnasium. He just couldn't.

"The stupid janitor is sick today. Some fool locked the door without carrying out routine because they wanted to go home quicker." Zim walked over to him. "There is no point knocking. Nobody can hear you. Only me." the Irken walked around to his side and looked at him.

"You have a choice, hyooman. Either stay here all night, banging on that door until your wrists break, or get out of here by following me and doing as I say."Zim crossed his arms, staring at the boy and waiting for an answer.

Truthfully, he wanted to get out of there as much as Dib did. He was disgusted at the thought of spending an entire earth night cycle along with his enemy in a gym. Not only had he been dealt a blow to his pride, but this to top it off would forever scar his dignity.

"And just why should I trust you?!" Dib snapped, turning to glare at the Irken with an underlying shakiness that came with being injured and cold. He wanted nothing more than to be at home in that moment, as far away as possible from everybody and everything. But the fact that he was trapped there alone with only Zim for company had his stomach churning and head spinning.

He saw his vision blur momentarily as the stress of the situation was beginning to get to him. He wasn't thinking as rationally as he normally would have been, the blood loss from earlier beginning to affect his judgment skills despite his attempts to keep himself focused and calm.
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